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South Park

Ubisoft announced today that the release of their upcoming game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, is being delayed until Quarter 1 of 2017. The game was originally going to be released on December 6th of this year. A post from Ubisoft’s blog states that the delay is to ensure that the game reaches the “high expectations of the fans”. Though delays are usually seen as negative, it seems that Ubisoft is only ensuring that this game will stay true to the first game and the animated series.

The South Park series is famous (or infamous depending on who you talk to) for its raunchy sense of humor and use of real-life issues within the show. Each episode of the long-running animated series always includes up-to-date world issues with a humorous spin. South Park: The Stick of Truth was the first game released by Ubisoft and it was highly praised by fans of the show as a true homage to the series.

South Park
South Park

Due to the large success of the first game and the t.v. series, the release of a second game was only a matter of time. The Stick of Truth played as a turn based RPG but with some added “South Park” fun and humor. For example, the game was based around a series of episodes of the show that poked fun at Medieval shows like Game of Thrones. That being said, the classes to pick from included classics like warrior and mage but South Park put their own spin on things and added a class titled “The Jew” which is a running joke within the series.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is also going to follow a series of episodes in the show. This time around the characters all take the form of their own made-up super heroes. Similarly to the first game, the sequel will play as an RPG with classes and skill trees to choose from. However, Ubisoft promises to improve the combat mechanics, surely adding some more fun and humor as well. Ubisoft is hard at work with South Park Creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, to ensure that this entry in the series is as funny to watch as the show and as fun to play as the first game. Even though hearing about this delay is a bummer, it only means that the finished product will be that much better. If you want to hear from the creators and watch some early gameplay, check out the E3 video of The Fractured But Whole, here.

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