Next Tomb Raider Title Possibly Revealed

The next chapter in the rebooted Tomb Raider series may have been revealed on -get this- the subway. During his commute Redditor Tripleh280 caught a glimpse of someone working on a presentation regarding the visuals of the unconfirmed, upcoming Tomb Raider game. From the image, taken by Triphleh280 (seen below), the working title appears to be Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Unfortunately, it is hard to pull any other information off of the picture because the quality of the image puts most photographic evidence of UFOs to shame. What we can see is the words “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” in the top right corner. The color scheme, font, and title are consistent with the past Tomb Raider games.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Presentation
“I’m from Montreal, QC. I was going downtown for work and I took a quick snap. I really would love to say more but other than the title, the rest was blurry from where I was.” Redditor Tripleh280 told Kotaku.

Jason Schreier, News Editor at Kotaku, states that “A source told [him] today that this is indeed the name”. Any other requests for further clarification from multiple news outlets regarding the leak has been met with the generic ‘we do not comment on rumors and speculation’ by Square Enix. There is a chance that the title will change before the game is released, but based on Jason’s contact and past rumors of the game having the same title it is very possible that we will see this as the final title.

In the past we have heard that Square Enix will be developing the next Tomb Raider game, and Tripleh280’s image taken while on a Montreal subway indirectly confirms this bit of information (since Edios Montreal will likely be the developers). Why Crystal Dynamics is no longer developing the Tomb Raider series has not been announced. One thing is for sure: heads will roll at Edios Montreal.


Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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