Ni-Oh PlayStation 4 Footage Revealed From TGS 2015


So wait just a second! You mean to tell me that Ni-Oh isn’t a spin-off of the Onimusha franchise? How disappointing. I had high hopes for just a second there. Alright, alright, nostalgia goggles aside. At the Tokyo Game Show 2015, a closed-door demo was presented to some lucky folks; that demo has finally made its rounds in the first public look at gameplay, which appears to be Team Ninja’s take on Dark Souls spiked with Ninja Gaiden.

While I am entirely sad that my favorite Onimusha wasn’t a huge inspiration, it’s entirely worth noting the popularity of the Dark Souls franchise. With the upcoming Dark Souls 3, this is a perfect time to show off this game. With many media outlets noting the similarities in the two franchises, it’s hardly a coincidence that the public trailer has started making its rounds. The game looks promising, at the very least, with players fighting smaller groups of enemies. Based on the trailer, there’s a huge focus on defense and evasion strategies, with even more emphasis on attack timing for that extra damage. So, okay, similar to performing critical strikes in Onimusha? Main hero William is also portrayed leveling stats and fighting big monsters too.

Ni-Oh comes to Playstation 4 in late 2016.