Niantic Adding Buddy Pokémon to Pokémon GO

Too little too late? With the help of some data miners, the next excited fan whisper was about having Buddy Pokémon in Pokémon GO, a feature that would allow the trainer avatar to select a party Pokémon as a follower to collect more candies. While they’ve been banning cheaters and hackers, and just fresh from releasing Appraisals, the next step of the game is finally coming.

Niantic details the new Buddy Pokémon feature as follows:

“You will be able to pick your favorite Pokémon from your collection to become your buddy, opening up unique in-game rewards and experiences. Buddy Pokémon will appear alongside your Trainer avatar on your profile screen, adding helpful bonuses such as awarding Candy for walking together. You’ll also have the ability to change your Buddy Pokémon at any time.”

There’s no release date for it yet, but as they’ve announced it, it should be soon. With the game slowly losing a bit of its steam since its hot July launch, they might need a bigger feature than this to reel some players back in. First though, can you guys add more things to do for those of us who are out in more rural locations?  

Published by Brandon Bui, PharmD

Brandon Bui is the Editor-in-Chief and owner of Gamer Professionals. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from California State University, Fullerton, and is a Doctor of Pharmacy. Frighteningly obsessed with his Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild.