In a recent investors meeting, Nintendo gave a brief rundown of the specifications and goals of their upcoming Nintendo Account program. The program is slated for launch in March of this year, and will provide a universal platform for Nintendo products. It can be accessed from PCs and smartphones, as well as Nintendo hardware, allowing users to purchase software and queue downloads remotely. Nintendo is aiming to have upwards of 100 million active users, each with a unique profile to encourage interaction.

Alongside this new account system, Nintendo is gearing up to launch the ‘My Nintendo’ program. This rewards system is similar to the previous Club Nintendo program, promising rewards to loyal customers in the form of unique merchandise. The program is using a two-fold points system, with users able to earn both Gold and Platinum points. Gold Points are earned through eShop activity, and can be redeemed for discounts on upcoming software. Platinum Points are more akin to the Club Nintendo system, as they can be redeemed for a range of goods. They are earned through logging into the eShop, playing Nintendo apps, and similar activities. While the range of goods on offer are as yet unconfirmed, the My Nintendo program will roll out across North America, Europe, Japan and Australia in March. A map of the rollout plan can be found here.

Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile market: Miitomo.

Finally, there was a brief word on the release of Miitomo. Nintendo’s first smartphone app is set to see a simultaneous launch with the My Nintendo program in Japan. There has yet to be any official confirmation of a Western release date, but the nature of this new approach seems to suggest that this will all be happening within a brief timeframe. In related news, Nintendo will also be the subject of a special attraction at Universal Studios Japan, alongside other exhibits such as Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter. This all-out approach is a significant change of pace from the generally quite reserved company, which is definitely a refreshing sign.

All details from the investors meeting were translated and distributed by ZhugeEX and Cheesemeister. The slides from the meeting can be found at the official Nintendo website, in their original Japanese format. All of the translated information can be found on Reddit.