Nintendo Announces E3 2016 Plans with No Direct Stream


Fans of Nintendo have ended up disappointed with the company’s decisions as of late, with the company announcing last week at a financial briefing about delays to the launch of the Nintendo NX. The NX, which remains a mystery today, will launch in March 2017. The delay takes The Legend of Zelda for Wii U with it, which will be a launch title for the NX. The company confirmed that this year at E3, The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will be the only playable title.

Earlier this morning, Nintendo announced an even more baffling decision, a decision to forego the traditional press conference and digital Direct stream that fans have grown accustomed to, replacing it with Nintendo Treehouse: Live. This new event will be a day-long live stream of gameplay for Zelda. Nintendo’s developers are expected to provide commentary on the game, and will feature an appearance by Nintendo of America Chief Operating Officer Reggie Fils-Aime.

It’s a strange move and one that screams some kind of private event. With E3 fading out of favor with developers and publishers for private events, there’s no doubt that Nintendo is up to something. This is the first time in recent memory that Nintendo has taken such a step, and one that has fans worrying that the company may not have anything to show for the big week. It definitely confirms one thing though, that this Zelda title has to be fantastic otherwise it might be the final nail in the coffin with little chance at recovery.