Nintendo Deletes Popular Streamer’s Super Mario Maker Levels


David Hunt, better known as “GrandPOOBear”, found yesterday that all of his saved Super Mario Maker had been deleted by Nintendo. Along with the levels, his stars and and medals had also vanished. Hunt had been preparing for Californithon – a speedrunning event occurring this upcoming weekend – when he realized that everything he had worked on was gone. After contacting Nintendo, they stated that the levels hadn’t been flagged for anything. However, the matter remains unresolved.

Hunt also had a level removed in mid-January, which was one of his most popular. After speaking with Nintendo customer service representatives, Nintendo stated that they were unable to do anything about the situation.

Since facing multiple level deletions, Hunt has been very outspoken about his unfortunate experiences. He has posted videos of his conversations with Nintendo and worries that he may be getting punished for speaking out against the massive video game company. Hunt is a speedrunner who specializes in streaming Super Mario Maker. It also provided 90% of his income so far in 2016, making this a very unfortunate incident. This may also hurt his standing in the community and affect his future streams.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this issue. Perhaps Nintendo can provide some further elaboration in the future.