Nintendo Denies Wii U Production Cancellation


Very recently a rumor floated about that production of the Wii U was going to cease by the end of 2016. This rumor was initiated and published by prominent Japanese publication known as Nikkei. It turns out, at least according to a Nintendo representative, that this rumor is false. According to a new report on Famitsu, a representative of Nintendo has confirmed production of the Wii U is scheduled to continue into 2017. Nintendo has asserted that no such announcement of cancellation of their hardware has been made by their company.

This is good news for fans of the Wii U and is supported by the recent news of surging Wii U sales in Japan. With production confirmed to be continuing, fans of the console can be assured that their hardware will not not become obsolete or unsupported anytime soon. Stay tuned for further news regarding Nintendo’s new NX console however. Just because the Wii U is still in the game does not mean Nintendo’s upcoming console will see any delays.