Nintendo Direct 13/09/2017 – Doom and Wolfenstein 2 Announced for the Switch

Finally we can all agree that the Nintendo Switch is colossally doomed. But of course, this is just a hilarious pun, as during the most recent Nintendo Direct (click here or above to view), Bethesda have pledged to release two more titles on the Switch: the lightning-paced Doomand Nazi killathon Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. The release dates for these titles were rather vague, with Doom being pegged for a “winter” release, and Wolfenstein 2 to be expected some time in 2018. This commitment by Square Enix to the Switch (even if these games are being released well after they are on the other two big consoles) will hopefully act as a beacon to other big third-party developers, showing that even though the Switch is more troublesome to develop blockbuster games for, the excitement and interest around playing games on this nifty, portable console is often enough to attract a healthy crowd of buyers.

Other big announcements from the Direct included:

– Mario Party: The Top 100, a collection of the best minigames from the Mario Party series, dated for a November 6th release.
– A Pokéball-themed 2DS will be available November 3rd.
– Square-Enix is working on a title called Octopath Traveler set for release in 2018, but there’s a demo out right now. See the trailer here.
– There was a spotlight on Mario Odyssey, where we got a good look at two new kingdoms for Mario to explore.

Check out the Nintendo Direct stream for all the news, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



Published by Ben Hutchings - Senior Editor

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