Nintendo Opens Teaser Site for Tri Force Heroes, Reveals Amount of Stages and New Trailer

Nintendo has opened up a brand new teaser site for the upcoming Tri Force Heroes, Nintendo’s latest entry in the Zelda franchise for the Nintendo 3DS. As opposed to the Four Swords entries, Tri Force Heroes focuses on a cooperative gameplay experience that requires a vast amount of communication. Along with the new teaser site comes a brand new five minute trailer for the game, showcasing some brand new gameplay footage along with additional outfits available in the game. Link can now dress up as a Goron, a Zora, and even a ninja, along with a plethora of other outfits.

The trailer also revealed that there will be 32 stages in the game, which makes for a lengthy gameplay experience. With cooperation and communication being key in the game, how fast will players be able to beat all 32 levels?

Tri Force Heroes will be released in North America on October 23.