Nintendo Plans to have All Major IP on NX ASAP


Nintendo doesn’t plan on seeing the NX go the way of the Wii U, with reports from MCV stating that all three of Nintendo’s major IP will launch within six months of the NX’s March release. Meaning that in addition to the confirmed NX launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario and Pokémon will also come along to the new console shortly after.

This confirmation comes from the same trusted source that confirmed Eurogamer’s report about the new console’s schematics and portability. In addition to first party triple-A software hitting the console in its first year, MCV also reports that they have made deals with important third-party groups including Activision, Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros to garner support.

While none of these reports have been echoed by Nintendo, fans must hope these are true. The Wii U suffered greatly with a slow crawl out of the gate that saw important third-party support drop console support. While new Mario games and Super Smash Brother Wii U did well critically, it wasn’t enough to stop the console’s death spiral.

However, reports of a portable console that can be played on the go or connected to a TV, change the game if handled correctly. The 3DS continues to do well with smatterings of important first-party IP like Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, not to mention Pokémon, continuing to make it the #1 handheld on the market. A possible combination of handheld IP, with console IP, could be the golden ticket for Nintendo moving forward.

It is unclear if the Pokémon game on the NX would be just a Pokémon Sun and Moon port, or an edition of Gamefreak’s inevitable 2017 Pokémon title. Still, the idea of a Pokémon title on a major Nintendo console that can connect to the big screen is extremely appealing.

Nintendo might have hit the nostalgia lottery here with the NX. Imagining a portable console that could connect to your TV using cartridges. With titles like Zelda, Mario, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, and Animal Crossing on it, not to mention anything on the Virtual Console. It seems like Nintendo has a huge hit on their hands, and that is before we add third-party support to the mix.

The NX launches this coming March. What do you hope to see?

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo Plans to have All Major IP on NX ASAP

  1. The thing that would be really appealing to me to buy this NX is not the fact that all IPs are coming back again im over that by now and honestly don’t care how many IPs make a return, this time around it’s all about the gameplay, nostalgia and difficulty (especially since all Wii U games took a dip in their overall difficulty aside from smash somewhat) im looking for in future Nintendo games, i want it’s games to feel as amazing as the Wii did for me and it’s games on there and to have that special feeling again playing those games like Smash bros brawl and Mario kart Wii!!! (which are just true gems and one of a kind)

    1. If Nintendo can finally figure out their E-Store so we don’t have to re-purchase the same game over and over again, that’ll be huge for the NX. If I can put original NES, SNES, etc, on the NX along with pretty much all the major IP, this becomes an invaluable machine. If they succeed with both the new and the old, this is an instant hit.

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