Nintendo reveals a brand new exercise RPG titled, ‘Ring Fit Adventure’

Nintendo is being weird again, and their cryptic video which released a couple of weeks ago depicting groups of people playing with a strange ring-like controller has finally been revealed as Ring Fit Adventure.  This game will mark another attempt for Nintendo at creating a fitness game, with the first significant success being Wii Fit which released back in 2008 for the Nintendo Wii. 

According to a video released on Sept. 12, the “Ring-Con” controller combines with a leg strap for an exercise adventure game in which players try to defeat a “bodybuilding dragon” threatening to “throw the world into chaos.”

Ring Fit Adventure offers more than 40 exercises in an expansive main campaign where players move through levels by jogging in place, performing jumps, and leveling up their character by doing exercise, RPG-like battles.  The game also offers a “Quick Play” mode featuring mini-games found in the campaign as well as being able to choose from a menu of exercises and sets focusing on specific muscle groups. 

According to Nintendo, the Ring-Con can be adjusted to fit any fitness level and that the game is made for “dads and moms, sisters and brothers, and everyone in between.” The game also has a “silent mode” so you won’t bother your downstairs neighbors by stomping around when you play Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure will include the game, Ring-Con controller, and leg strap.  It is planned to release on Oct. 18 and will cost $79.99. 

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Published by Nick Forsythe

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