The Nintendo Switch is Exciting and Forward-Thinking

Nintendo finally revealed their “NX” console this morning, now officially known as the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese company has certainly had their missteps with hardware in recent memory. Most people agree that Nintendo are great game designers, but lack a solid grasp on what players want from their consoles. There’s no doubt that they are in a separate category aside from Playstation and Microsoft, but Switch is on a completely different level.

Mobile gaming has always been a high point for Nintendo, and many have speculated that the NX would be some kind of home console/mobile hybrid. The proof is in and the rumors are true! Switch demonstrates a sophisticated transition from couch to bus to public park. Not only can players game anywhere, but they have many options to do so.

A Wii U-esque tablet serves as the main screen for the mobile version of Switch, which can be played like a massive portable console or a more traditional screen-and-controller setup. For me, this is the most exciting aspect of Switch. For the first time in over a decade, Nintendo are offering a “normal” controller that appears to be in sync with what Xbox One and Playstation 4 are doing.

What appears to be the Switch's iteration of the Pro controller.


The reveal trailer showcases the Switch being used in a variety of different ways. The traditional controller is also complimented by a small mini controller. There also appears to be some sort of Wii-style Nunchuk setup for those who miss the oddball method of playing games. It seems that Nintendo have taken all of their past ideas and achievements and put them into one great console package. Instead of isolating themselves from the traditional gaming market, Nintendo will hopefully be pack in the foreground again.

Since Nintendo have been “doing their own thing” since Wii, their third party support has dwindled. The Switch reveal trailer demonstrates The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as a supported game, marking the triumphant return of support for third party companies. The image below showcases the vast number of great companies signed on with Nintendo Switch, which is a good sign for the future of the console.


Nintendo is back in the race, and are now hopefully a front runner with Xbox One and Playstation 4. It’s great to see one of the most beloved companies in gaming taking charge, modernizing themselves, and doing something new. It’s familiar and different, and truly seems to have something for everybody. With titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a new Super Mario title and dozens of AAA third party games on the horizon, there’s no reason not to be rooting for Nintendo in 2017.

Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

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6 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch is Exciting and Forward-Thinking

  1. All hail Nintendo. My life long faith in them may have paid off. The best thing is, you can show off the games to your friends easily, unlike telling ppl about them.
    To think of the millions that never even heard of Metroid Prime, the Mario’s, Splatoon and so on..
    Marketing and game exposure hastraditionally been terrible for Nintendoand on of theirbiggest weaknesses

      1. Honestly, I think if Nintendo can stop with the spin-offs, and just get their big hitter titles out (Zelda is a great start), Metroid, Pokemon etc..
        Ni tendo could be a dominator here

  2. I have to admit that my enthusiasm for this is quite “meh”. I hope its the X2 processor, that would increase my interest a bit but this seems like just another handheld tablet gaming device to me, except with Nintendo games.

    I think that my interest is skewed a bit because of the robot rescue demo in Playroom VR on PSVR. That to me is where Nintendo should be going, thats what Nintendo gaming should be like. Robot Rescue screams Nintendo and Mario and makes me really desire a VR system from them, it would be a must buy from me.

  3. The Switch looks fantastic!! but there are still SOO many variables than need explaining before i even consider putitng down my money! because this thing could SERIOULY end up failing!

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