New Nintendo Switch Mario Game Revealed

Today was a landmark day for Nintendo. The rumors and speculation surrounding their new console, now known to be called the “Nintendo Switch”, can now all be verified or debunked. During the preview trailer for the upcoming console (which can be viewed above), we saw many games being showcased, including footage for a Nintendo Switch Mario game. The game can also utilize the handheld capabilities of the console, along with the many other games. There was no name shown for the new game, but we can be sure that we’ll hear more about it as the March 2017 release for the Nintendo Switch draws near.

nintendo switch mario

The gameplay shown is very reminiscent of Super Mario 64, firstly in how Mario himself controls, and also in the graphical style of the locales. We see two such locales in the preview trailer; a desert castle area, and a colorful village. Perhaps the village is some sort of hub where Mario can visit to interact with NPCs between stages. Obviously the details are extremely sparse at the moment, but seeing that this Nintendo Switch Mario game is harking back to their golden age, along with the fact that Nintendo now seem to be gearing up to exchange blows with the big boys, all point towards an extremely promising future for the console.

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Published by Ben Hutchings - Senior Editor

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