Nintendo Switch – What Do We Know?


So far Nintendo has been pretty quiet about their new console. They have announced that they will tell us more about the Nintendo Switch on January 12th. In the mean time, I have mulled through all the videos, rumor leaks, and patents to give you a more comprehensive list. Here is what we know so far.

Disclaimer: Some of the info in this article is still rumor, I have included only what is from the most reliable sources. The system is also not out yet so even the official stuff could still change.

The Nintendo Switch is a handheld/home console hybrid. The idea is that you have a full fledged Nintendo home console, that you can disconnect from the TV and play on the go. There are three main parts to the switch, and here is what we know about each one.

The Main Unit

The Main Unit is a tablet like device that you can carry around with you. This is where all the hardware and power are held.

Nintendo Switch Undocked


  • Rumored 6.2”  720p capacitive multi-touch screen (The patents confirm that it will have a touch screen, but we do not officially know its full specs yet.)
  • Stereo Speakers
  • 3.5 mm Headphone jack
  • Rumored USB C port for charging, display out, and data transmission
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Micro SD Card slot
  • Game Card slot
  • Kickstand
  • Motion Controls
  • Detachable side controllers (Joy-Con)
  • Wireless connection to at least four controllers

The Dock

When you are done roaming around, you just slide the tablet into the Dock and boom! It switches the display to the TV, allowing you to use it like any other home console. The Dock also charges the Main Unit and offers 3 USB ports which are probably for external memory and other accessories.

Nintendo Switch Docked

While in the Dock, the Switch will be more powerful, not because there is another processor in there, but because when un-docked the Main unit needs to conserve battery and keep temperatures down. We do not know how much this will effect gameplay, but if the unit will be dropping from 1080p to 720p, I think they could get away with a decent power decrease before you notice any frame rate issues or lag.


The Switch will come with two detachable controllers called Joy-Con Left and Joy-Con Right. They can attach to the sides of the main unit, or be used wirelessly to control the system from a distance. Another feature the trailer really focused on is that they can be used individually, by different people, for multiplayer games.

Nintendo Switch Multiplayer

Joy-Con Features:

  • 4 main face buttons (D-Pad left, ABXY right)
  • Analog stick
  • 2 outer shoulder buttons
  • 2 inside shoulder buttons
  • Plus (right) or Minus (left) buttons
  • Home button (right) or Record button (left)
  • Synchronize button
  • LED Indicators to show player number 1-4
  • Rumble
  • Motion controls
  • NFC reader (right)
  • IR Sensor (right)

There will also be a Joy-Con Grip accessory to connect the two. This will give you more of an ergonomic feel, and add some extra battery life.

Aside from the Joy-Con, Nintendo has also shown us their Switch Pro Controller – a more conventional game controller. It should have all the same buttons that are available when using the two Joy-Con controllers together. If it is anything like the Wii U Pro Controller then I am sure it will be amazing.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Is it what we have all been waiting for?

All-in-all it is looking pretty good. USB C with its super fast charge time and data transmission will be a great addition. Using cartridges instead of disks will give us faster load times and save hard drive space. One of my favorite features is the large 720p screen, gaming on the go with that will be beautiful. Could it be the future of gaming? I hope so, I am ready for a powerful portable gaming experience and I am excited to see where the Nintendo Switch will go!

If you wanted to look for your self, here is the intro video, a reveal on the Tonight Show, and the Patents.


  1. One feature I think could make the Switch a winner, if Nintendo are thinking with their heads… the Switch should include mobile net tethering.

    If ppl can use their mobiles to give Switch portable net access, Pokemon Go could happen on Switch. Also read a story from Laura Kate Dale that an Overwatch port would require a significant overhaul due to Overwatches always online nature. Well problem solved with mobile tethering

    • Everybody has a mobile phone. Just use your mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot. That’s what I’ve been doing with my iPad anyway.

      • Yeah, that’s what i meant. Do that for Switch, and its online abilities will be endless..

        Obviously having a SIM and all the radio transmitters would be too costly for Switch. Hence why mobiles are so expensive

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