Nintendo Switch’s Battery Life Valued at Three Hours

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally went live with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, formerly codenamed the NX. It’s a forward-thinking concept that brings a heavy focus on portability and we even think it can bring the hardcore gaming crowd back to Nintendo. The company has floundered in that aspect somewhat in recent years.

With a portable console expecting to fit the shoes of a home console, though, one of the biggest concerns is the battery life of such a device. The trailer showed footage of the console being played on airplanes, in big parties, and had its appearance at an eSports event. With some of the games that are to launch on the Nintendo Switch, and with a strong list of partners that include teams such as From Software, Capcom, Ubisoft, Image and Form, and other strong brands in the industry, being able to run these games at a high fidelity could prove to be taxing.

Laura Kate Dale of Let’s Play Video Games reports, based on two internal sources close with the company, that the device will have a battery life of three hours. Her sources were vouched as having given her reliable information based on NX development kits. While we don’t like to report on unsubstantiated rumors, Dale has had a prominent track record in recent months with insider information.

That being said, a battery life of three hours, for a device running such intensive games, is quite decent when you think about it. Heavy gaming laptops have a similar battery life attached to it. The concept with the Switch here is strong and we can’t wait to see it in action.

Published by Brandon Bui, PharmD

Brandon Bui is the Editor-in-Chief and owner of Gamer Professionals. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from California State University, Fullerton, and is a Doctor of Pharmacy. Frighteningly obsessed with his Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild.