Nintendo Will Release Film in Two or Three Years


Nintendo has been making a lot of headway with mobile technology and gaming (with recent additions of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem as free to play titles) and theme park additions. Now, the gaming giant is ready to take on the big screen, with the company announcing in a magazine article (translated and transcribed by Nintendo Everything) about the plan to have a new film based on Nintendo’s characters in the next two or three years.

As of this moment, various franchises are up for consideration, but President Tatsumi Kimishima declared that he wanted to take the company’s assets towards a production system that allows the majority of the work to be done in-house. Little detail was provided beyond that, but the company has plans and they do seem to be a bit intriguing. With the Nintendo NX setting out for March 2017, and the seemingly dead development of the Wii U, the company is going to be shaking things up in the next few years, to say the least.