Nintendo’s Next Mobile Foray is Fire Emblem Heroes


In the newest Fire Emblem-centered Nintendo Direct, the gaming giant announced its latest mobile project, following in the footsteps of recently-released Super Mario Run. The new mobile title, due out February 2 for Android and “soon” for iOS, is Fire Emblem Heroes, a collect-them-all dacha inspired tactical strategy title.


Heroes uses an orb refill system for players to participate in scaled down tactical battles featuring their favorite Fire Emblem characters. Characters can be obtained by using orb currency and premium paid currency in gacha machines. Battles utilize the rock-paper-scissors attribute wheel/weapon triangle but removes the permanent death mechanic from the traditional handheld and console lineup.

Here’s a trailer for your viewing, featuring the voice of Yuri Lowenthal.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be released on Android February 2 and on a to be announced date for Apple iOS.