Nintendo’s NX Console Is A New Concept


Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima spoke at an investor briefing earlier today, confirming some more details about the new Nintendo console, code named the NX. The console, according to Kimishima, is a brand new concept that will constitute the core of Nintendo through the software-led hardware-software integrated business.

Kimishima also highly stressed the idea of Nintendo bringing gamers and families together, starting with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). In addition, Nintendo intellectual properties would be made available like never before, with the mobile platform through applications such as Miitomo, or through the new Nintendo account system, dubbed “My Nintendo.”

President Kimishima concluded his brief by reaffirming both to the investors and fans that Nintendo would continue to flexibly transform itself by valuing the spirit of originality. With that being said, the idea of the NX being an entirely new concept is interesting. With gambles like motion sensing or other features like the tablet GamePad for the Wii U, where does Nintendo hope to go next?