No Dual Audio for Fire Emblem Fates

A lot of people seemed surprised (if not also disappointed) by the lack of dual audio, i.e. both English and Japanese voice-overs, in the Western release of Fire Emblem Fates, which has been recently reconfirmed across the internet thanks to review copies being sent out.

That’s because Fire Emblem: Awakening did get dual audio, and a small sector of people do seem to appreciate that, so it’s kind of a step backwards for Nintendo. For those who enjoy the original Japanese voices, not having dual audio can really be a bummer, and even a potential reason to not buy a game.

Personally, the English dub seems fine and I love my English anyway, but I understand where both sides are coming from. Perhaps Nintendo couldn’t justify the cost to secure the Japanese voices or there were copyright concerns/issues preventing it altogether, but so far it doesn’t seem like Nintendo has responded to people’s inquiries on this or the possibility of dual audio being introduced in a patch.

We’ll let you know if we hear anything, but for now, maybe take a look at one of the recent videos Nintendo has uploaded and let us know what you think of the English dub.

I think it’s pretty solid, but I’m also easy to please—even though I understand some Japanese, the parity between text and voice usually helps my immersion. Having the option never hurts though, so hopefully Nintendo manages to provide dual audio for those interested in the future, at least in games with a lot of voice acting.

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