No Man’s Sky NEXT Shows Just How Big of an Influence the Media has over Gamers


No Man’s Sky is a great game. This is an opinion which month ago would cause huge backlash, and multitude of angry people explaining why I am “objectively” wrong. Yet, it seems that this all changed with No Man’s Sky newest update simple titled NEXT. Why is that though? Is No Man’s Sky NEXT really that good? Or is the Xbox One crowd just a more fitted player base? Well… not really.

There is no doubt that NEXT brought a lot of new features to the game, yet not as much as some might think. It added multiplayer, customization as well as some updates to the graphics, but most of what makes No Man’s Sky so good has already been there for months. Two previous updates Path Finder and Atlas Rises brought much more drastic changes, which made quite mediocre game into very decent one. These updates added base building, new weapons, new planets, planetary vehicles, trading and much more. At that time though, many people said that “It’s too late” and that Hello Games are not worthy of trust.  

The kind of stuff you’d find on No Man’s Sky just a couple of months ago

A quick google search earlier this year would have revealed pages and pages of hate and critical derision. So it’s surprising that NEXT is so well received. If it really is “too late” and if Hello Games are really that bad, why is No Man’s Sky racking up more players than ever? For some reason, every media outlet has latched on to the same story: that the NEXT update has transformed No Man’s Sky in to a game worth playing. Which, like I said earlier, was already achieved by the previous two updates.

This is exactly same situation as the one before initial launch of the game. Big companies praise the new content before it’s even out to get people hyped, and it seems to have worked. People bought into the hype yet again. But thankfully No Man’s Sky is actually good this time around.

It’s quite annoying to me as a fan that for so many months No Man’s Sky was being ignored and ridiculed and anyone who praised the games was labelled as a “Fanboy”, and now it seems that it’s all has been forgotten. It is scary that the gaming media has so much power over us. They can turn generally disliked game to object of praise and worship almost overnight.

No matter how scary it maybe, No Man’s Sky is at last a good game, and Hello Games seem to genuinely want to make it right for their wrong doings. NEXT is a good update, and it’s certainly is worth checking out, yet its nothing groundbreaking.