No Man’s Sky NEXT – a Mutliplayer Update to No Man’s Sky

no man's sky

Almost two years after release, Hello Games announced that No Man’s Sky will get multiplayer. No Man’s Sky NEXT is the upcoming update and it will be their fourth major update since launch.

No Man’s Sky became controversial after its release since Sean Murray, Director of No Man’s Sky, made the game seem more grandiose than what it really was. Murray had mentioned multiplayer prior to launch in 2016, but it was not a part of the game.

Since launch, Hello Games put out numerous patches which included new features. One of those features allowed players to meet up with one another. However, No Man’s Sky will now have true multiplayer.

When No Man’s Sky NEXT debuts on Xbox One on July 24, it will included an update which will allow players to fight, travel, and survive together. The update will be available for PlayStation 4 and PC as well.

In a press release, Hello Games described this update by saying that:

“You’ll be able to explore the universe with a small group of friends, or bump into random travelers. You can help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive. Tiny shelters or complex colonies that you build as a team are shared for all players. Fight as a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and enemies. Race exocraft across weird alien terrains, creating race tracks and trails to share online.”

The No Man’s Sky NEXT update will be free to all existing players.

Published by Saniya Ahmed

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