No Man’s Sky VISIONS Update Trailer Leaked

no man's sky visions

Hello Games is working on another update called No Man’s Sky VISIONS. The leaked trailer didn’t give a release date so we may hear an official statement from the No Man’s Sky team soon. The No Man’s Sky VISIONS trailer is currently labeled as “Unlisted” on HelloGamesTube’s page.

The narrator in the video described new features that are coming to No Man’s Sky. With a more variety of worlds will come new atypical flora and fauna; you will be able to find skeletons of ancient species as well. no man's sky visionsPlanetary storms can make certain materials appear or disappear which makes collecting resources riskier and UI feedback is improved. Also, debris from alien technology can be salvaged.

no man's sky visions

Some other changes mentioned in the video are new emotes, ability to create fireworks to celebrate victories, collect exploration trophies like rare artifacts from different worlds, and community missions sharing mission progress globally. More information is on the way.

A few weeks ago, No Man’s Sky The Abyss trailer was released which described changes and new features of underwater exploration. The Abyss trailer was meant to be an introduction to their new update, which doesn’t have a launch date yet.

The last major update launched by Hello Games was No Man’s Sky NEXT earlier this year.