No Stream From Bungie Today

curse of osiris

The third stream about new weapons and gear in Curse of Osiris was scheduled to be today, November 29th, but there has been a change of plans. DeeJ, Bungie’s community manager, said that in place of the stream, there will be blog post discussing future plans in the game.

Recently, a controversy surrounding XP gains in Destiny 2 has let fans down. On November 24th, Bungie released a statement claiming that they are not happy with how the XP is set up after fans noted discrepancies with XP earnings on public forums. Activities like public events had less XP gain than activities like competitive crucible and the Leviathan raid. The statement said that Bungie has deactivated that method of gaining XP.

XP is how a player receives Bright Engrams. After reaching level 20, in order to get Bright Engrams you need to gather XP and you must do this over an over again in order to get more Bright Engrams. An alternate way of obtaining Bright Engrams is by purchasing them with real money. Some speculated this as a method of driving fans to purchase Bright Engrams instead of waiting till they can earn one in the game.

The change Bungie made with gaining XP is still upsetting many, particularly the fact that the overall amount of XP needed to level up has doubled. This change was not clarified and is one of many issues that is creating trust issues between fans and Bungie.

Since there will be no stream today about Curse of Osiris, Bungie will release a blog post instead. The blog post will be about the future of Destiny 2, their goals for the game, commenting on feedback, and discussing upcoming updates.