Nongünz is a Bloody Gothic Roguelike Releasing May 19


Nongünz is a new procedurally-generated roguelike from developer Brain Wash Gang. Set in a gothic horror world, Nongünz uses a gritty, pixelated art style to depict bloody violence. It places an emphasis on long-lasting combos, which will lead to great rewards for the player. A variety of challenges, score, and gameplay modifiers will help players form their own band of lost souls and death cultists.

Going deeper into the world of Nongünz reveals eerie characters such as praying cultists, self-scourging martyrs, somber gravediggers and more. These special characters provide services such as shortcuts, shops, and slot machines to aid the player. The appeal of violence and grit is very real as Nongünz seduces the player into joining in on its primitive violence.

Nongünz releases May 19th on Steam. Stay tuned for our review!