NRG Esports Partners with Washington D.C.


This Friday, Events D.C., the authority for all sporting events and conventions held within Washington D.C., announced their sponsorship of top esports organization NRG Esports.

NRG currently has a significant roster of esports athletes, competing in a variety of games, from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Super Smash Bros.

Max Brown, the chairman of Events D.C., confirmed the partnership via Mashable, asserting that this will contribute overall to the economic development of the United States’ capital.

“We are actively working to position ourselves for the future and in the next five to eight years, D.C. will be positioned to be the capital of esports,” Brown stated.

With Blizzard’s Overwatch League fast approaching its opening later this year, NRG and Events D.C. have made the first impressive step for the birth of the League. Overwatch teams must be sponsored by a city in order to qualify for competition, and NRG’s team, led by fan favorite Brandon “Seagull” Larned, is the first to make the cut.

This partnership is groundbreaking for the esports community. A sponsorship by a city is the first of its kind for an esports organization, and will no doubt lead to many other organizations being bid on by large cities in the States and elsewhere.

NRG’s Andy Miller, co-founder and chairman, noted that D.C.’s support of his organization is “a great validation of NRG, but also the esports space and how big and interesting it’s becoming to the point that now you have really forward-thinking folks like Events D.C. taking a look and actually wading into the waters here and putting time and money behind it.”

Events D.C. will host a panel on March 12 to discuss its future with the organization and esports in general, preceding a Rocket League match between NRG and Team Liquid. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.