Nvidia Unveils GeForce Now at CES 2017 Keynote Speech


Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took the stage at the Venetian for the CES 2017 Keynote, and formally announced the new GeForce Now – a feature that allows for players with lacking PCs or Macs to be able to play high-performance requirement PC games in the cloud.

This on-demand feature, however, does not come cheaply. For $25 in credits, players will be allotted 20 hours of gameplay. These $25 credits come in several tiers, Huang explained, which are based on performance.

This move proves interesting, as it requires users to install the GeForce Now desktop client which would become a portal not unlike Steam that would host titles. This platform launches in March this year.

Seeing GeForce now, many felt that it was a great idea, but were unhappy about the price. Competitor LiquidSky has been offering a similar solution for months, currently in a beta phase, but also free of charge for all users to play with the system. It’ll be interesting to see where Nvidia takes this idea, though, to say the least.