Oculus is Publishing New VR Titles


Oculus is publishing two new VR titles, extending its existing partnership with Insomniac Games. Insomniac CEO Ted Price told Engadget in March that working with Oculus is all about experimentation as both companies learn how to design for VR.

“There’s been much more mutual discovery, because we as a developer and Oculus as a hardware manufacturer are still figuring out how to create experiences in VR. It’s a brand new frontier for everybody.”

— Ted Price, Insomniac CEO

The first is Feral Rites, a solo adventure based in a jungle society that erupts in chaos after its Chieftain (your father) is murdered. Growing up in foreign lands, the player returns home to take revenge through brutality and skill. With the ability to change form into a variety of animals, you must fight your way through foes, and solve puzzles in this virtual rain forest. Players can choose to be male or female, and it’s not just for show, each gender has unique combat abilities. Feral Rites requires the use of a gamepad and is due to hit the Rift this fall.

Feral Rites

The Unspoken is a FPS for one to two players, set in a hidden world of magic. It’s basically Fight Club meets Harry Potter, in a handful of fantasy cities. This game uses the Oculus Touch controls, meaning players move their hands and arms to make magic, featuring more than 25 spells to learn and deploy on other players. The Unspoken will hit the Oculus Store this holiday season.

The Unspoken

Insomniac is also working with Oculus on a spooky Arctic exploration game, Edge of Nowhere for the Rift, which is set to use touch controls. Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness, this third-person game allows players to move the camera 360-degrees, with your head. As you can imagine this will create some nightmares. Edge of Nowhere is due out on June 6.

Edge of Nowhere

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