One Hour of Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Shows Much-Improved Mechanics


Unfortunately, last month Square Enix had to let out of the bag that Final Fantasy XV would be delayed for another two months. Fans of the game were disappointed, but the general consensus was that given the game had been in development for a decade, two months was just a drop in the bucket.

Those two months of delays were put to great use; the staff at Eurogamer had another opportunity to spend an hour with the game. Based on their feedback, it’s a much-needed improvement to the Platinum demo released back in March. The staff claimed it was almost a whole new game.

Based on what I had watched in this, the game feels like it has a living world to go and explore, from high-fives to just straying off the beaten path. It’s shaping up to be much more exploration-heavy, rather than the linear pathway that Final Fantasy XIII had taken almost a decade ago.