Original DIABLO has finally been resurrected… by GOG

Diablo is finally available… on GOG! Yes, the kings of old games collaborated with Blizzard to bring the classic back from the dead!

Diablo is a franchise that created the action RPG genre and helped shape Blizzard into the giant they are today. By taking a classic RPG and striping it from, what at the time was, the standard turn-based system was truly revolutionary. 

The original Diablo despite being the game that started it all, is the one people know the least. One of the reasons is that the original Diablo was extremely hard to obtain legally. Not being available digitally anywhere, and without new physical copies being produced it was quite a task to get your hands on it. Another issue was that even if you did somehow get a copy of the game, you would probably have quite a few issues trying to run this game on modern PCs.

Yet, those days are over. As always the good people at GOG have done a great job getting a classic game working on modern systems. And not only that, it finally works on systems released after 1998. It is a well-working affordable Blizzard classic that one can ask for and it is $9.99/£7.89!

Best of all, this is not the end of GOG/Blizzard cooperation as Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft 2 will make their way onto GOG in the near future as well. However, Blizzard of all companies sharing their games with someone is unexpected. Either way, fans will get to enjoy a classic game.