Original Pokémon Theme Singer Jason Paige Re-records Song


Happy Sunday! At this point, if you’re under thirty years of age, there’s a huge chance you’ve heard of the Pokémon theme song. Hearing that every afternoon, it was the tale of our childhoods, where we all wanted to be the very best like no one ever was. The word “Pokémon” aside, the song can apply to many aspects of our daily lives.

It turns out that the singer for that song, Jason Paige, just went back into the studio, twenty years after recording it (he was 29 at the time), and still has the vocals down. The best part is the enthusiasm he still displays for the song; it’s rare to find that kind of enthusiasm for this kind of song. He’s since stated that he’d be interested in a remixed version in light of the success of Pokémon GO.