Capture the Flag returning to Overwatch

In yesterday’s Developer Update, Jeff Kaplin announced the return of Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event which will last for four weeks. Called “The Year of the Dog,” this update brings “awesome and new stuff.” Jeff didn’t detail everything that would be released with the new update, but he did provide some minor details.

The update will bring back Capture the Flag which was introduced last year. The Overwatch team have improved Capture the Flag with some much needed updates.

First, Capture the Flag will no longer have any draws. Instead, a match resulting in a tie will lead to sudden death overtime. During sudden death, both teams’ flags are moved closer to the center of the map. By bringing the flags closer to each other, the Overwatch team guarantees a quick and action filled overtime round.

The developers have also made picking up the flag instantaneous. To balance out this change, they have limited the abilities which flag carriers may use. Any ability that gives invulnerability or greater mobility will cause flag carriers to drop the flag. One example Jeff provided was a flag carrier using Winston’s jump ability will drop the flag.

The Overwatch team wants more offense based Capture the Flag matches with sudden death being a rarity.

Jeff also announced the addition of a new map located in Thailand. This map was developed with Capture the Flag in mind. He stated that Capture the Flag plays “fantastically” on the new map. Jeff described the map as “gorgeous.” One side of the map will have an ancient temple and the other have a much more modern design.

A competitive Capture the Flag season was announced. Those players who reach the top 500 will get a special player icon and spray. All players who place will receive a special spray. The season will last the entire Lunar New Year Event.

The update will bring six legendary skins. It was confirmed in the video that both Mercy and Genji will have a legendary skin up for grabs. In addition to six legendary skins, Jeff teased a highlight intro for “one of the new heroes coming.” It is likely he is referring to the new “Hero 27.”

The Lunar New Year Event begins tomorrow, February 8.

Find the full video here:

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  1. Worst game mode, but they’ve done great publicity. How much can you sell to people when it’s a celebration thing? Look guys!A brand (not) new original mode! Enjoy the year of the dog by ”catching the flag?????” I mean, I don’t care if you do include some old school games, but common, it’s common sense to say they didn’t get creative. In my opinion, It’s quite clear that marketing is one of their most powerfull asset. Not always giving exact released date, being a little late, adding updates where you can buy things, more and more and always more stuff that you can buy. Can’t we have some respect and have some honesty? I am Grumpy? Maybe. I don’t really care. Anyways, ”The client is always right.”

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