Overwatch Free Console Weekend!


Overwatch is offering a free weekend for console users starting September 9 through September 12.

For those who have not already partaken in the massively popular and fun team-based shooter, Blizzard is offering a completely free weekend of Overwatch on both PS4 and Xbox One. This free weekend will reportedly give access to all heroes, game modes and maps. Time to gear up and pick your heroes.

Could this bring in a new crowd of players? Of course, but how many will stick around? Games going free for a weekend isn’t something new, Steam has been doing it for a long time. However does this event actually boost player base? Well here is a first hand experience from Edge Case Games. In their case, a free weekend brought in a 400 percent increase in player base.

On the same note, Overwatch has launched Competitive Season 2 on all platforms. Competitive Season 2 features a new map, Eichenwalde, and new rules for the competitive play mode, featured in a previous article.

As Overwatch grows in popularity, so too does its lore. Blizzard is good at this, with the addition of Ana and the introduction of a new map, they have paved the way to start adding pieces to the history of Overwatch. Most likely these bits are already made and Blizzard is just waiting for the appropriate time to release them. Read up on this awesome world they have created right here.

Published by Michael Siegle

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