Overwatch: Guide to Playing Genji Right


Genji is one of the most interesting characters in Overwatch. His low health and slow projectile speed make him an off-putting choice for new players. However, with some practice and knowledge of Genji’s abilities, he can quickly become the most satisfying character choice in the entire roster. This guide will cover everything from Genji’s abilities to his mobility, and how you can use them to become a better team player.


One of Genji’s greatest advantages is his mobility. His unique double jump, and the ability to climb walls and ledges sets him apart from the pack. When choosing the cyborg ninja, it is important to keep in mind that his role is not one of front line fighting. Similar to Tracer, Genji uses his mobility to get behind enemy lines and harass key targets like Mercy, Widowmaker, and Hanzo. Furthermore, when playing control point maps like Temple of Anubis and Hanamura, if your team is having a hard time pushing forward, it is wise to consider speeding past the front line, and attempt to take the capture point alone. Even though you almost certainly will not capture the zone, your presence on the objective will force the defending team to pull away from the front line and deal with you, opening holes for the rest of your team. Finally, when it comes to mobility, I recommend hopping around like an absolute maniac; constant double jumping rapidly changes Genji’s hitbox, and makes him frustratingly hard to hit.

Key Points

  • Use Genji’s mobility to pass the front line and harass vulnerable heroes
  • Force the enemy team to fall back by contesting a capture point
  • Double jumping like an epileptic frog makes you much harder to hit


Basic Attack

Genji’s basic attack is probably the biggest turnoff for newer players; the slow travel time and small projectile size makes him one of the more difficult heroes. However, with some practice, his basic attack can become your most potent weapon. When left clicking, Genji will throw three shurikens, each dealing roughly 33 damage, meaning you can deal 100 total per click, or 200 if they all hit the target’s head. Landing all three shurikens deals massive damage to non-tank players, even if they aren’t headshots, so try to track your targets and predict where they are headed before attacking.

Genji’s basic attack deals so much damage that it is even viable to attack tanks with larger hitboxes, such as D.VA and Roadhog; just three clicks is fatal to any of these heroes if you aim for the head, and their large size makes them easy targets. Continually, Genji’s right click makes him throw all three shurikens simultaneously in a spread pattern. I would only recommend using this against fast heroes like Pharah or Tracer, as it minimizes the damage you can do, but maximizes the hit potential. Finally, because of the slow movement speed, Genji’s shurikens can be used effectively against static targets like Bastion and Torbjorn turrets by sitting behind a wall and consistently peeking to throw your shurikens until the target is dead.

Key Points:

  • Aim for the head
  • Track your targets
  • Prioritize static opponents
  • Don’t be afraid to miss!
  • Good counter to Bastion


Swift Strike

Genji’s swift strike is both a potent offensive tool, and a compliment to his heightened mobility. The ability is simple: upon activation Genji instantly darts forward, hitting everyone in-between with his Katana for 50 damage. It is important to remember that if Genji gets a kill/assist, Swift Strike instantly recharges. Keep in mind that each “tick” on an opponent’s health bar represents 25 health; if an enemy is bellow two ticks, don’t be afraid to Swift Strike through them and then Swift Strike back out. Aside from using it offensively, consider saving Swift Strike to escape a dangerous engagement: jump into the fray, deal some damage, and then escape. Finally, Swift Strike can be used both horizontally and vertically, use it to reach Widowmaker’s perch, or slash a Pharah out of the air.

Key Points

  • Use Swift Strike to hit out of reach opponents
  • Consider saving it for escapes, depending on the situation
  • Swift Strike recharges instantly upon a successful kill
  • Use it to gain a height advantage



Deflect is without a doubt my favorite ability in Overwatch. Deflect is simple in its usage. For two seconds, Genji deflects all incoming projectiles towards the enemy. It is important to remember that the projectiles are deflected to wherever Genji is pointing his cursor, so you need to aim at your target in order to send their bullets back to them. Deflect makes Genji one of the most potent counters to Bastion and Widowmaker: when facing off against a difficult Bastion, use your deflect at an unexpected time to send his hail of bullets back into his robo-body. Also, for a good laugh, stand still and let the enemy Widowmaker draw her sights on you, and before she fires, deflect the headshot back into her. Although Deflect can be used defensively in an emergency, it is a much better offensive tool. Deflect is best employed to deflect Ultimates. Use it to kill a Reaper as he Death Blossoms right next to you, or maybe deflect Hanzo’s Dragonstrike back into his team. You can even deflect Mei’s Blizzard as she throws the robot, or Zarya’s Graviton Surge while it is still a projectile. Try to learn all the ults, and predict when an enemy hero is going to use them.

Key Points

  • Best counter to Bastion
  • Good offensive/defensive tool
  • Deflect Ultimates



Genji’s ultimate ability is difficult to execute perfectly. It makes him a primary target, and robs him of his ranged attack. However, if used at the right time, Dragonblade can easily cut down a good portion of the enemy team. Upon activation, Genji screams loudly, alerting the entire enemy team to his position, he then unsheathes his blade for 8 seconds of Katana mass murder, dealing 150 damage per swing. Oftentimes, a Dragonblade ultimate will be stopped short after one kill because most of the enemy team will focus you. Even the most experienced Genjis will only get 1-2 kills per Dragonblade, so don’t hold onto it for the entire length of a match while waiting for the right moment. Don’t be afraid to use Dragonblade for single target assassinations; for example: try to eliminate the enemy Mercy during a pivotal push so that she cannot revive her team. Keep in mind that using Genji’s ult will also instantly recharge Genji’s basic abilities.

What? You want to know how to get play of the game multikills with Genji’s ultimate? Fine. Make sure the entire team is clumped up and is heavily focused on another target, unleash the Dragonblade and jump into the fray, hacking and slashing away at the enemy team. Avoid prioritizing tank heroes as they will soak up a good portion of our ult: killing a roadhog, for example, will take up at least half of the 8 second Dragonblade. If the enemy team is sufficiently distracted, and you remain in constant, you may get a solid multikill.

Key points

  • Target supports
  • Stay in motion, dash after every kill
  • Don’t expect play of the game team kills
  • Don’t hold onto your ult for the whole game

Hopefully this guide helped you learn the basics of Genji! if you have any other tips that you would like to add, feel free to comment.


  1. Just from my own observations getting destroyed repeatedly by this guy on the field, some useful tactics to increase survival rate would be to jump around and attack. Jumping around makes this guy a lot harder to target.

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