Overwatch Halloween Event and Sombra Images

The dedicated Overwatch fan-base has been hard at work lately. Within the Overwatch subreddit leaked images have emerged of, what looks like, a new themed event in Overwatch. Similar to the popular Olympics event earlier this year, this new event is rumored to have a theme complete with new skins, emotes, sprays, highlight intros, victory poses, and a new and unique brawl mode.

This time around, the theme is Halloween. Thanks to Reddit user ChronosHero, images of a Halloween Loot Box have been shared.

Halloween Themed Loot Boxes found in the Xbox Store

These Loot Boxes act as in-game rewards. The event Loot Boxes, which are only available for a limited time, are guaranteed to contain at least one new, themed cosmetic item for one of the 22 available heroes. However, with the most recent leak, it seems like that number may grow.

Along with the new Halloween Event, other images have also been brought to light through Reddit. User, perscitia, shared an image that reportedly leaked internally from Blizzard.

Notorious Hacker, Sombra

This is the first clear image of Sombra. She appears to be holding a small, SMG-esque weapon and have on claw-like gloves. Though nothing has been officially confirmed by Blizzard, it seems that the long-running mystery of Sombra is coming to a close.

With Halloween approaching at the end of this month, it can be assumed that the new event should be released in the near future. As for Sombra’s release, nothing can be confirmed or even assumed. The Overwatch community can only hope that, with these new images leaked, the mysterious Sombra will finally step out of the shadows once and for all.

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