Overwatch Delivers a Winter Wonderland

Overwatch is famous for releasing new content on a regular basis. Today the team at Blizzard released the “Winter Wonderland” update. Included in this update is a plethora of new holiday and winter themed cosmetic items and map variants.

First and foremost, new (holiday themed) present lootboxes are now available to be unlocked and purchased along with the regular lootboxes. Like the previous themed content, these lootboxes will contain all the usual goodies and have one guaranteed new winter-themed item. The new cosmetics range from new hero sprays, icons, poses, emotes, highlight intros, and skins for a select few characters. On top of the new cosmetic items, two maps, Hanamura and King’s Row, have been redecorated to match the Winter Wonderland theme. Twelve of the heroes are acquiring new skins to go along with the theme. Among theme are icy looking Pharah, Reaper, Zarya, and Winston; and Holiday themed Tracer, Mei, and Torbjörn. Most notably there is a Scrooge McCree, Rudolf Roadhog, and Nutcracker Zenyatta.



Finally, a new brawl has also been introduced. This one focuses entirely on everyone’s favorite frozen hero, Mei. The new event, titled Mei’s Snowball Offensive, is a dodgeball-esque match that pits two teams of six Meis against each other, but with a catch. The regular fire mode for her ice blaster has been replaced with a powerful snowball that will take out and enemy in a single hit. This paired with her usual ice wall and single-elimination spawning makes for a some high stakes frozen festivities.


The Winter Wonderland content will only be around until January 2nd so be sure to partake and open up as many of the present lootboxes as you can. There is no update on any new heroes coming to Overwatch in the near future. However, there is a new map: Oasis, currently in the Public Test Realm (no official release date has been announced). One can assumed that Blizzard has many more content updates in store for the ever-growing universe of Overwatch.


Published by Michael Siegle

Self proclaimed gamer, writer, and comedian. There is a certain art found in video games that you just cannot find anywhere else, I absolutely love it