Overwatch Pro Seagull Hosts Reddit AMA


Saturday saw Brandon “Seagull” Larned of NRG Esports take to reddit to interact with fans and fellow Overwatch players. Seagull, a top player in the quickly growing Overwatch competitive scene, is arguably the most popular of the slew of Twitch personalities that frequent Blizzard’s hit FPS.

Known for his Hanzo and Genji plays, Seagull’s stream is often a place of learning for those seeking to climb the ranks of Overwatch‘s competitive playlist. As such, redditors quickly poured in to Seagull’s AMA.

Questions about the current state of Overwatch‘s meta-game were some of the most upvoted, and Seagull provided some welcome insight.

“My favorite meta is always the small period of a time after a new patch where everything is viable because no one has found out the new OP stuff yet.” He went on to say that “the dream” is a state in which all characters are viable, and instead the meta is purely map-dependent.

Additionally, Seagull turns out to be mildly infatuated with the idea of Bastion making a grand appearance in the meta. He claimed that Bastion is currently in a “pretty good spot and only needs a minor buff” in order to become fully viable. Bastion is practically non-existent in the Overwatch meta, seeing nearly zero use in professional-level matches. However, the Omnic war machine’s hidden potential lies in its ability to completely shred tanks. And in the current 3 tank meta, Seagull believes its only a matter of time before players figure out how to implement Bastion properly into a team composition.

Interestingly enough, Overwatch lead designer Geoff Goodman recently announced in the battle.net forums that the team is internally testing buffs to Bastion’s recon form, tank form, and self-repair.

Seagull also commented on the upcoming Overwatch League, a Blizzard-backed professional league. While acknowledging that we currently have little to no concrete details about it, Seagull asserted that with the proper marketing and the continued devotion of the Overwatch community, the OL could see great success.

The Overwatch League is set to kick off at some point in 2017, though Blizzard has remained relatively silent since the reveal at Blizzcon last year.

For those of you looking to raise your Skill Rating in competitive, Seagull’s comment about players that “main” certain heroes may be of interest:

“…let’s be real, if you happen to be only good at rein/lucio/zarya/mccree or 76 then you probably are ALWAYS useful in every single meta from beta to now. It just comes down to how well can players adapt. Those players should learn more heroes and get good at whichever is needed on a patch to patch basis.”

There you have it, folks. If you’re a Reinhardt, Lucio, Zarya, McCree, or Soldier 76 main, you keep doing you.

To read more of Seagull’s answers and thoughts about Overwatch, click here.

Published by Drew Hernandez - Associate Writer

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