Overwatch Releases Gameplay Trailer for New Hero, Ana


The first post-launch character for Overwatch has been officially revealed. Ana Amari is Pharah’s mother and also a founding member of Overwatch. As a support sniper, her Biotic Rifle both heals teammates and deals continuous damage to enemies from a distance. She also holds a powerful pistol which fires a sleep dart to knock enemies unconscious.

Similar to Soldier: 76’s biotic field, Ana can throw a biotic grenade which both heals allies and damages enemies when they are within its area of effect. It also has the ability to boost the effect of incoming heals for allies and temporarily disable healing for enemies. Ana’s ultimate ability, Nano Boost, increases movement speed, damage, and attack resistance for teammates.

overwatch ana

Blizzard have not set a date in stone, but Ana will be likely available for free download at the end of July. She will be the fifth support character in addition to Mercy, Zenyatta, Lucio, and Symmetra. Ana was teased earlier this month and is the first of a number of additional characters to be added to the roster.

Overwatch continues to dominate the multiplayer shooter community and will continue to receive free DLC.