Blizzard Reveals More Overwatch Story Content is On the Way

When new Overwatch character Orisa was released onto the public test realm, they did so without an accompanying comic or short film. This caused many fans to believe Blizzard was moving away from fleshing out the game’s characters and stories through lore-based peripherals. The lack of added material was especially concerning since Overwatch‘s previously added characters (Sombra and Ana) did launch with side content.

This turned out to not be the case, however, after Michael Chu, Overwatch‘s lead writer, said in the official Overwatch forums, “We have a lot in the works, with Orisa and her story being the first release of the year. One of our goals for 2017 is to try to have more frequent story-related updates and content, so we’re very busy with that.”

Blizzard released a short that involved a small taste of Orisa’s origin (see video above), but Chu went on to tease, “A little something else is coming just around the corner, so look out for it!”

Do you think the teased content is going to be a further elaboration of Orisa’s backstory? Will it be related to one of the game’s other heroes instead? Let us know in the comments!

You can also learn more about Orisa here in our previous coverage of the newest Overwatch hero.


Published by Geoff Miller

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