Pathfinder is Getting a CRPG and it’s About Time

Pathfinder, the famous Pen and Paper RPG andbiggest competitor to the Dungeon & Dragons franchise, is finally getting a CRPG! Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a video game in the vein of Baldur’s Gate, which for sure is every fan’s dreams come true.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker was Kickstarted, like all other CRPGs these days. The good people from Owlcat games, most recently known from their MMORPGs Alldos Online and Skyforge, got over 900k pounds from 18,351 backers which is quite a hefty sum. Though some of their previous projects had mixed reception, Pathfinder: Kingmaker could be their holy grail.

Not mentioning the fact that what we’ve seen of the game looks amazing, it also has some talented people working on it. Most notably Chris Avellone who was a designer and writer for such games as Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: the Sith Lords. That’s an impressive portfolio and with him as a Narrative Designer, so we for sure can expect a great story.

The game itself seems to be something more than just re-skin of the Baldur’s Gate. It rocks similar aesthetics, yet it has a kingdom building mechanics which lets you become the king! You will be able to take over the enemy territory, build a kingdom, and rule it the way you like. This mechanic could add break from battles which is so desperately needed in many CRPGs.

Owlcat’s past still makes us doubtful, but so far everything bodes well for Pathfinder’s step into CRPG territory. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is coming out on GoG and Steam September 25th.