Payday 2 AMA Angers Fans, Prompts Desertion of Players

The Payday 2 scandal has been quite the popular topic as of late, with many fans of Overkill’s bank-robbing simulator up in a tizzy over lackluster rewards along with the addition of always-despised microtransaction elements. There have been many elements to this tale of poorly handled public relations, but today’s finale of the whole proceeding might be the most egregious thing yet. Almir Listo, co-founder of Overkill and head of public relations for all things Payday declared the day before the two-year anniversary of the game that he would be conducting an AMA on the Payday 2 subreddit. This at first seemed to many fans to be a chance for the company to apologize and instate some changes for the rather egregious misdoings that have been plaguing the game’s meta recently, but the company’s responses to many of the questions the fans asked were less than acceptable to the ears of the community.

The main talking points that fans were hoping would be changed were the added micro transactions, the stat boosts added on said microtransactions that destroyed the weapon balance already in the game, the changes to the weapon mechanics, and how the company would respond to community feedback in the future to avoid another catastrophe of this scale again. Somehow, Overkill’s PR rep managed to answer these questions in a way that was loathed by the playerbase at large, and caused a sort of mass exodus from the usually packed halls of Payday 2‘s servers.

Almir stated that there would essentially be no changes to the current state of affairs, giving vague answers to questions and overall trying to dodge most of the vicious accusations being thrown at him and the company. There were no apologies to be heard for going back on the previously-held statement of no microtransactions within Payday 2, no plans to change the Pay-to-Win elements present in the stat boosting skins, and a general disregard for the community that had helped make the game so largely populated in the first place. The only thing that was truly addressed with plans to improve the community’s outlook on the whole situation was the weapon rebalancing, and even then it was a simple “we’re looking into it” instead of a definitive plan.

It was a sorry state of affairs, and it’s no surprise that most players are either switching to the relatively innocent console versions or abandoning the game altogether. In 10 days, Overkill has managed to sink from a moderately well-known and trusted developer  into a company that went back on promises instead of garnering good faith with its loyal consumers.

Source: Reddit

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