PDP Sound of Justice Headset Review


When we are playing video games, there are inevitably going to be features, details, and dynamics missed. There is so much going on when you are playing  a game like Watch Dogs 2 or Uncharted 4, this cannot be helped. For me, some of the most enjoyable aspects of gaming are sound effects and music that accompany scenes of triumph and despair alike. If the music is fitting, defeating bosses, clearing stages, or just doing something incredible feels so much more glorious than if the moment was accompanied by silence. Since there is so much going on, music is often one of the parts of a game that gets stuck in the shadow of the other things that are happening. Using a quality headset can help alleviate these issues, and better your overall gaming experience. Enter the PDP Legendary Collection Sound of Justice.

I have recently adopted the PDP Sound of Justice into my collection of gaming accessories. As the headset was specifically designed for Xbox One, I took to my game-shelf to revisited a favorite game of mine, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. This game is a great test of audio peripherals for many reasons. The soundtrack is not only terrific, but atmospheric in the sense that you can feel the tension of the battle/event/cut-scene currently taking place. More upbeat moments are paired with inspiring tracks that make players familiar with The Lord of The Rings films swell up with a sense of nostalgia. The PDP Sound of Justice does these moments, well, justice! Unlike my previous playthroughs of Shadow of Mordor, the audio is front-and-center instead of losing mental priority to the visuals. Properly presented audio makes the action more impactful, and the quite moments more serene. One of my favorite minor features about Shadow of Mordor is that when you see a captain or a Warlord for the first time, the audio that accompanies their introduction is the sound of uruks chanting his name. While I am wearing PDP’s Sound of Justice, these chants ring through my head and feel intimidating, whereas with my TV speakers the aggression of the challenge is lost completely. This is true for many other sounds in the game, and Sound of Justice headset does a proper job of balancing the audio in a way that makes it feel impactful, but not overbearing.

Sound of Justice Specs

Since it is not a high-end headset, it (understandably) has its deficiencies. Static interference is a common occurrence. Since my Xbox One sits surrounded by a handful of other electronics, I decided to experiment to see if I could remove the interference completely. I could not. Having, myself, unplugged my other electronics It was not enough interference for me to say my gaming “suffered” from it, but it was still apparent enough that it is worth mentioning. While this issue is fairly common for wireless headsets, it’s still worth noting and needs to be improved on. If you are an audiophile of any kind, I would urge you to not pinch your pennies and go for a higher-end headset. If Granny gave you $100 during the holidays and want to spend it on a headset, the PDP Sound of Justice is a great one to pick up. For the average gamer who wants more from their gaming experience, the price is right.

Another issue I had with the Sound of Justice headset is that it isn’t incrediblysound-of-justice-side comfortable, nor does it have great breathability for longer play sessions. When my gaming session exceeded 5 hours, the headset’s presence was very apparent. Every point of contact on my ears and head felt the burden of its weight. Spots where fabric touched my skin began to itch. The lack of breathability in the ear-muffs encouraged heat to build up and sweat to form. As a result, the Sound of Justice is not ideal for many consecutive hours of play.

In terms of the level of quality, the PDP Legendary Collection Sound of Justice is not a high-end headset. Wisely, it is not sold as one either. Simply put, the Sound of Justice is a higher quality budget headset. PDP sells it for $99.99, and after using it I would say that the price is appropriate. It is around the same price point as other, more known, models such as the Turtle Beach Stealth series. Where the Sound of Justice and the Stealth are both great headsets for the price, the quality of PDP’s headset makes it worth considering.

None of the issues I have mentioned are deal-breakers. Where the headset lacks certain desirable qualities, it makes up for these by being a solid product that is easy to use. Setting the headset up is as simple as plugging it in and pressing the power button. The overall design is slick. The microphone communicates clearly and is positioned optimally. The PDP Legendary Collection Sound of Justice has a lot going for it, and not a lot going against it. PDP has made a solid headset that is meant to stand out within its price range, and they have succeeded.