Persona 5 Delayed Once Again

Persona 5, the upcoming entry in Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei spinoff series, has once again been hit by a delay. The highly anticipated fifth installment in the hit franchise was slated for a February 14th, 2017 release. However, Atlus announced today during a livestream that the title had to be pushed back until April.

Despite this disappointing news, Atlus brightened the news a bit by confirming the inclusion of dual-audio, allowing players to experience the original Japanese voice acting with English subtitles.

Originally due to release back in 2015Persona 5 has undergone a series of delays, much to the chagrin of fans of the series, who have not had a new entry in the series since 2008.

Persona 5 released in Japan back in September, and has gone on to experience critical acclaim, with Famitsu awarding the RPG a 39/40, praising the style and story in particular.

Persona 5 releases worldwide on April 4, 2017 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


Published by Drew Hernandez - Associate Writer

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