Persona 5 Live Stream Set for May 5

It seems we’re on the cusp of some major Persona 5 news, with Atlus announcing a live stream for May 5. The live stream will coincide with the conclusion of the countdown that is currently taking place on the official website. No specific information has revealed as to the contents of the broadcast, but a release date confirmation seems likely at the very least.

The stream will be hosted on NicoNico, a popular Japanese streaming site. All information will be presented in Japanese, with no English language support available. It’s scheduled to kick off from 8:30am ET on May 5, with an unconfirmed runtime. Do note that streaming on NicoNico is restricted to members, so if you intend to catch the stream, it’s advisable to prepare in advance. News on the hotly anticipated title has been slow, with little in the way of major reveals emerging in recent times.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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