Los Angeles will become the first city in the world to deploy Phillips SmartPoles with 100 SmartPoles being deployed initially. These poles are equipped with LED lights and include fully-integrated 4G LTE wireless technology by Ericsson. The collaboration between Phillips and Ericsson will mean high-quality, public lighting that is energy efficient as well as improved network performance in dense urban areas. Earlier this year, LA already became the first city in North America to use Philips CityTouch, an advanced Philips streetlight asset management system to monitor and control its street lighting. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, cellular data traffic is expected to rise 9 times by 2020. Philips SmartPoles were developed in partnership with Ericsson and will enable increased data capacity in the telecoms network and were designed to be compatible with any mobile operator.

Source: Philips via Gizmag