Plague Inc: Evolved gets Multiplayer on PC Today


Today, the popular disease-filled game, Plague Inc: Evolved, is receiving a VS.-type game mode on the PC. This new mode will allow to players to fight over control of the world and whoever infects the most people wins the game. The multiplayer mode will add new evolutions, abilities, and genes to use against the enemy plagues you’ll face and kill everyone on the planet simultaneously. One of these new abilities is called “Immune Shock”, which will allow both the enemy’s and your plague to kill off millions cooperatively. Another one of the new abilities is call “Genetic Exposure”, which will increase the speed in which humanity can cure the enemy’s disease. Both of these new abilities will allow you to have a strategic advantage over your opponent while in the race to completely annihilate the human race.

You can buy Plague Inc: Evolved on Steam for $15 and $1 on iOS and Android devices.