Planet Alpha will be releasing on PlayStation in 2018


Adrian Lazar, Creative Director for Planet Alpha, revealed information about his upcoming game on the PlayStation Blog. Planet Alpha is about a wicked force harming the planet, but the character must help save the planet even though how to do so is unknown. Players will get to make many discoveries through their journey on the unexplored planet.

Commonly, outer space exploration games are FPS or open world, however Planet Alpha is a platformer set in alien world abundant with plants and creatures. Although combat is not an aspect of the game, there are puzzles, fast paced platforming, and stealth mechanics.

One feature in the game lets players change the day and night cycle to transform the planet to work in their favor as new challenges arise. Lazar explains:

“For example, deep in the dense alien jungle light barely reaches the soil, so during the day some species of mushrooms extend toward the canopy to escape the shade. If you’re observant, you can use them as platforms to reach higher places or as covers to sneak past enemies.”

The game has biodiversity in the different ecosystems, and landscapes will either assist or present a threat to the characters. Another obstacle Lazar mentioned was above the mountains where floating clouds can help the character travel, yet not every cloud is safe.

In the trailer (seen above),one of the most noticeable feature in the game is the scenery. The game appears to be very visually appealing with many screenshot worthy views. The lively, vibrant colors and constant movement in the background creates a feeling that the planet is really bustling.

Also in the trailer, it was evident that there is a threat to the planet. Something is destroying the livelihood there and in one short scene there were lasers shooting towards the character.

Lazar has not said if there will be more information disclosed about Planet Alpha and there is not release date yet.