Planetside 2 Construction System Released


Planetside 2 has undergone its newest major update recently. The construction system has finally be released and will change Planetside 2 as we know it for the rest of its time.  A entire new gameplay mechanic has been released and Indar has seen huge overhauls. Other game mechanics have seen changes as well, all of which can be found in the patch notes.

A new resource has been introduced to the game known as Cortium. Cortium is a crystal that can be found on every continent and harvested to create and power player-constructed objects, defenses, and fortifications. This resource will be harvested by the newly added ANT vehicle. ANTs are 4 man transports that have mining lasers for harvesting Cortium nodes. The ANT may be deployed anywhere to display a terminal that will allow you to build fortifications at the cost of Cortium stored on-board. You can build entire bases from the ground up with this new system. These bases will have a strategic importance as they can be used to fortify paths between static bases with mannable defenses. Dynamic bases built with Cortium can also pose a major threat to enemies seeking to win over a continent as a structure can be built inside them with the ability to generate victory points. The closer your base to the enemy warp gate, the quicker you can generate these victory points.

With this entirely new game play dynamic, a few changes have been made to the victory point system to ensure smoother gameplay.

· All continents now require 15 Victory points to capture (including Indar)
· Indar alerts are now worth 5 VP
· Linking a single warp gate VP reward has been increased to 2, from 1
· Linking both warp gate simultaneously VP reward has been increased to 4, from 3
· Capturing all of any facility type VP reward has been increased to 3, from 2
· Capturing all facilities VP reward has been increased to 15, from 10
· VP reward has been increased to 2, from 1
Finally, a change has been made to how continents balance populations to ensure that this update doesn’t prove to be game-breaking. Most notably among these changes is the following: any player trying to teleport to a continent where their faction has 10% more population than the lowest populated faction will be placed into a queue.
· At least one continent must have over 150 players on it for the queue to be active
· The target continent must have at least 50 players on for the queue to be active
· If the player’s faction is severely overpopulated on all unlocked continents, they will be able to play on the continent where their faction has the least population advantage
This major update means big things, and it is available now! If you haven’t played Planetside 2 in a while then now is the time to get back into it.