Playdead Teases a New Game

Not content to simply sit on their laurels and enjoy their recent successes, Playdead has gone ahead and teased their next game. Responsible for both the critically acclaimed Limbo and Inside, this European developer has made a name for themselves with linear platformer puzzle games in dark worlds full of mystery, loneliness, and secrets to discover and dissect.

The announcement for their new title came today as a small post on Twitter. Playdead thanked their fans for the “warm reception of INSIDE” and revealed that Playdead’s founder Arnt Jensen and his team had been hard at work “on the next adventure.” A screenshot of the upcoming game was also included.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.23.42 AM

No other details have yet to be announced but the screenshot alone is intriguing enough. It is safe to say that Playdead aims to stick to their guns in creating a bleak, dark setting featuring a lone protagonist. The screenshot seems to reveal our chosen protagonist watching what appears to be a meteor crash into the ground in some sort of desert landscape.

Frankly, I am excited. 2016’s Inside was a welcome surprise developed in near secrecy with concept art, trailers, and the developers themselves revealing very little of the game even after its launch. The game was short enough to be completed in a single day (like its predecessor Limbo) but its story of scientific experimentation and mind control was never eager to share its secrets with the player. There was no explanation at the game’s end — only more questions. I have no doubt this new game will be similar in that regard. I would love to see it release in late 2017, but honestly would prefer Playdead take all the time they need to deliver another stellar experience.

Published by Jordan Ramée - Channel Director

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