PlayStation 4 Slim Is Looking Less Like a Hoax

The time-hollowed tradition of a compacted PlayStation gaming console may be upon us. Having been originally seen on the German bidding website Gumtree (where the original link to the selling page of the PS4 Slim has been removed), the supposed new PlayStation model is considerably smaller when compared side-by-side to the original PlayStation 4. The gaming community has already dubbed it the PlayStation 4 Slim, to follow the pattern of past PlayStation consoles having a compacted version released being named PlayStation (#) Slim. There has been no confirmation from Sony regarding the validity of the PlayStation 4 Slim. Below are the pictures collected of the rumored PlayStation 4 Slim.

Front and top of the potential PlayStation 4 Slim.
Back and underside of the yet to be confirmed PS4 Slim














As you can see from the pictures, if this turns out to be a hoax, it’s a very convincing one. Eurogamer visited the home of the new owner of the PlayStation 4 Slim and according to Wesley Yin-Poole’s most recent update “[Eurogamer] can confirm that the PS4 Slim is real”. Eurogamer (via Digital Foundry) had video of the PlayStation 4 Slim booting up, but took it down “upon taking legal advice”. Luckily I was able to view the video before hand, which showed the console boot up, shown an epilepsy warning, and proceed straight to the PlayStation Dashboard. Everything looked pretty legitimate.


With PlayStation’s Time’s Square event taking place just weeks away, it’s likely that Sony will hold off confirmation of the PlayStation 4 Slim until then. The Slim was originally bought of the auction site for £295, roughly $390, so it will possibly be around that same price-point. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony will announce the Slim model alongside their high-end version of the PlayStation 4, code-named Neo. Gamer Professionals will update you when more information is released confirming or denying the validity of the compact console.

PlayStation 4 Slim
Souce: Digital Foundry via Eurogamer


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